A TRIO of flying mad students at Goole High School will be soaring up, up and away shortly, thanks to the arrival of a training plane.

The group – Katie Dennis, Tom Lloyd and Billie Wilson – who are all volunteers with the school’s Build A Plane Project, have been awarded a scholarship to put them through their private pilot licence training.

While work is well under way on the Spirit of Goole project to build a fully functional aircraft at the school, the two seater bi-plane isn’t ready to take flight, so project manager Jack Milnes has sourced a second-hand Chevron 2-32 training plane from Cumbria to help the teenagers in their quest.

Mr Milnes said: “Billie, Katie and Tom are raring to go and the arrival of the Chevron means they can get off the ground as quickly as possible.”

“The intention is the three 16 year-old students will pass their private pilot licence as they turn 17, after which they will be able to take passengers up with them and fly anywhere in Europe. Potentially, they could fly on holiday.”

The trio will learn about and take exams in seven subjects, including air law, meteorology and navigation, as part of their training during the next few months.

They will complete 15 hours’ training with an instructor, followed by 20 hours of solo flying from Breighton Airfield, where the new plane is to be based.

Katie, who was helping to clean the new arrival up earlier this week, said: “It’s exciting and I can’t wait to have a go in the plane.”