PRIMARY Schools in York, North and East Yorkshire going back after the summer break will be able to take advantage of a range of new workshops introduced by York Museums Trust.

The trust's learning team have created a programme of brand new primary school workshops and tours to coincide with the changes to the national curriculum this September.

Schools can go to York Castle Museum to learn about World War One and Suffragettes and the Anglo Saxons, prehistory and Darwin at the Yorkshire Museum, with actors, role play and the opportunity to handle real artefacts from the collections.

Amy Baggaley, learning manager, said: “Taking children out of the classroom into different learning environments, such as York Castle Museum and the Yorkshire Museum, is a great way to capture a child’s imagination and to make their learning experience as fun and engaging as possible.

"The new history curriculum includes brand new topics like prehistory, which has given us opportunity to use many fascinating artefacts with schools for the first time."

Among the workshops on offer are a Prehistoric Progress where pupils can handle prehistoric objects from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and discuss what life was like in each period and identify some of the key developments. While during Life in Anglo Saxon York pupils get the chance to meet Oshere the Thane or his wife Aelle, and decide if they are willing to be Oath Helpers for Eadgar, accused of stealing bread made for the Thane’s feast.

The Struggle for York session explores Anglo Saxon and Viking invaders and settlers and includes the stories of Kings and Rulers such as Athelstan, first King of England and Eric Bloodaxe.

The Suffragettes allows students to find out what it meant to be a Suffragette and the significant contribution that Emily Davison made towards women's rights, before donning costumes and going on a Suffragette march on Victorian Street, Kirkgate.

While One Man’s War allows pupils to meet Great War veteran Lieutenant Frank Wood played by actor, Chris Cade and Crime and Punishment shows pupils the real cells of York Prison.

Schools wanting to take visit