A SELECTION of schools in the Selby district could be in for a share of a £2 billion pot of Government funding.

Barlby High School, Brayton High School, Sherburn High School and Tadcaster Grammar School have all been included in a bid by North Yorkshire County Council for funding as part of the Priority School Building Programme.

The national scheme will see funds from a £2bn Government pot granted to schools around the country between 2015 and 2020, for the creation of new buildings or maintenance of existing facilities, developed by the Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency.

An NYCC spokeswoman said: "We have selected those schools for our Priority Schools Building Programme bid which have the highest level of investment need.

"As part of this we have considered structural aspects, such as the presence of prefabricated structures which are expensive buildings to refurbish, and the presence of asbestos which makes maintenance more costly.

"In addition we have looked at where the replacement of buildings in poor condition might contribute towards the planned reorganisation of educational provision in an area. Given the large scale of investment need in secondary school buildings this is the reason for the bids predominantly being secondary schools, although we have included one primary school with the highest level of building condition need."

In 2012, Tadcaster Grammar School and Barlby High School both benefited from investment through NYCC, which was used to improve windows at the facilities, and while no details of the amount of the investment of scale of the improvements had yet been made, plans would be developed once the successful schools had been identified.

Northallerton College and Whitby Community College/Caedmon School have also been included in NYCC's bid, along with Eskdale School and others around North Yorkshire.

The successful schools are expected to be revealed in December, following a review of the bids by the DfE.