ACOMB Primary School held a special festival to mark ten years of staging Shakespeare’s plays.

Children as young as four up to the age of 11 took on the task of staging some of the Bard’s plays, including Much Ado About Nothing and King Lear.

There were singing, dancing and acting performances inside and outside the school and parents were invited to watch.

Lee Haynes, head teacher, said up to 60 parents came to watch and the day was a great success.

He said: “It was a successful day which was very well received by parents and we have had positive feedback too.

“Usually it would only be the oldest children in the school performing Shakespeare but involving the whole school shows that it is never too young to learn about the Bard.”

Julian Ollive, education and young actors associate from York Theatre Royal, was on hand to help capture the children’s interest.

Mr Ollive said: “Engaging the children with Shakespeare early creates an understanding, familiarity and love of his work, fostered by performance rather than just sit down study.

“This is a positive culture to create and one which I think all schools should be modelling in their own practice.

Acomb are indeed Shakespeare pioneers.”