ELVINGTON has been earmarked for a new business park as part of new plans by resident developer Lindum.

The Lindum Business Park will offer office space as well as storage and warehouse facilities on the site of Lindum’s York offices in York Road.

The building is currently occupied by Rolawn, which is planning to relocate to a new bespoke, Lindum-built premises in Seaton Ross airfield.

The Business Park will be based on a successful model already in operation at Lindum’s Lincoln site, where there are currently around 40 tenants, benefitting from a range of premises and business support services.

In total, the 5,100 sq ft building could accommodate up to 100 people but space can be adapted depending on clients’ needs and requirements.

Business Park manager Lynn Ritson said Lindum is working with local agent Briggs Burley and would be investing a considerable amount of money to refurbish the two-storey building prior to letting.

She said: “As Rolawn move out of the building, we are expanding Lindum York to take up additional space. We will then open up the rest of the building to new tenants.

“This has always been part of our business ethic, providing those essential background services so that companies can concentrate on their core business and continue to thrive and grow.

“We find that having a good mix of different businesses means that often collaboration – and trade - develops between tenants.”

Lindum’s York offices opened in 2012 and the division currently employs 36 people, which includes 16 in the Elvington office and 20 on construction sites.

Lindum York managing director Jonathan Sizer said: “Although our core business is construction, this has a surprising synergy with renting our own commercial properties, as it leads to well run, fit for purpose modern buildings, where, should any maintenance problems occur, we can offer a quick response time and a timely solution.

“We aim to establish long term relationships with our tenants, which has been previously demonstrated at our Lincoln Business Park, where tenants have grown in size to occupy larger rented premises, and in some instances have even gone on to buy their own premises with land and design and build provided by ourselves.”

Lindum’s work in York has previously included the refurbishment of Bonding Warehouse as well as a number of projects at York Racecourse, new units at Clifton Moor, and a residential development at Burnholme Drive in Heworth.