INNACURATLEY maintained accounts at a North Yorkshire gluten free food supplier have left creditors owed almost £1.4 million in the dark as to whether they will receive debts owed.

GF Foods, based at Brackenholme Business Park in Selby, fell into administration in February this year owing £1.39 million after one its creditors, Sancus, raised concerns over the integrity of the firm’s financial position.

The company, which traded at Feel Free for Gluten Free supplied a range of more than 50 gluten free products from sites in Selby and Worthing to supermarkets including Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda.

Among those owed money are HM Revenue and Customs, which is due more than £100,000, and 32 employees who are owed £54,800 in redundancy, wages and holiday pay.

This week administrators from Redman Nichols Butler, in Driffield, have filed a report revealing “unexplained discrepancies” in the company’s records. As a result administrators have been unable to “confidently establish” the value of GF’s stock, or how much it is owed from its Book Debts, stating “it is unclear as to whether the secured creditors will receive any monies.”

Speaking in the report, John William Butler, joint administrator, said: “During the first week of the administration it became apparent that the company had been locked out of its Selby production facility since early February.

“There had been no production at the Worthing site as for at least two weeks prior to my appointment the company had been unable to pay the wages.

“Unexplained discrepancies in the company records meant that I was unable to confidently establish the company’s true financial position.”

While more than £900,000 is owed to unsecured creditors, administrators will set aside £134,000 to cover the cost of professional services involved in winding up the firm.

GF Foods was incorporated in October 2007 after being set up by former chef Sally Allister, who lived living a gluten free lifestyle after being diagnosed with coeliac disease.

In 2013 the company launched an online crowdfunding pitch via Crowdcube in a bid to raise growth capital to enable it to meet impending legislative changes.

In November 2015, the company returned to pitch at Crowdcube to raise additional investment to fund the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities in Selby.

A total of £400,000 was raised through both crowdfunding campaign, resulting in an expansive list of shareholders for the firm.

Feel Free for Gluten Free was built on the firm’s award winning donuts, with other product ranges including Eastern inspired savouries and a range of pies.

In 2014 the company began to export their products to South Africa and Dubai.