A YORK construction firm has seen one its latest developments received a Good Design Award from Selby Civic Society.

The Society, which has been presenting its awards to building of merit since 1988, awarded a plaque to Tim Baldwin and his wife, who own Barr House in Brayton.

This property was the site of the 19th Century “Brayton Toll-House”, a polyangular building, and one of three where tolls were extracted from travellers using the turnpike road between Doncaster and Selby.

It was the last surviving toll-house in Selby, and fell into dereliction over many years before Mr and Mrs Baldwin came up with a design in which the toll-house was renovated and incorporated into the design of a new detached property.

Steve Walton, managing director of York based builders Wallwood Construction, which completed the project, said: "We were asked to build a new four-bedroom home on the site of the old toll-bar house at Brayton incorporating the original toll house.

"The building was in a bad way; the roof was rotten and walls damp and it was replaced where necessary using traditional methods as much as possible and upgraded to include soundproofing to the road side for traffic noise.

"We believe we have enhanced the entry to the village of what was an overgrown, disused site, to one of which the people of Brayton can be proud."