A FORMER police commander turned entrepreneur has been appointed non-executive chairman for a Knaresborough-based national company.

Mark Iveson, who was a lead investigator in the Great Heck Rail disaster and also managed the critical response to the Selby floods in 2012, has landed the role with Logic Fire and Security Ltd.

The appointment comes seven months after Mr Iveson, who was in charge of the Selby District, retired from the police and established his own business consultancy, Portcullis Virtual Management Ltd.

Set up with fellow former officer, director and business partner Mick Gains and executive PA Anne Headen, Portcullis Virtual Management was established to provide start-up and existing businesses with services, skills and expertise.

Mr Iveson, who has also accepted an appointment as non-executive director of the Crimestoppers Trust, said: “Our growth has been phenomenal and outstripped our expectations for year one.

“It has been a roller coaster ride for the last seven months. The phone has not stopped ringing, we have covered many miles across the county and beyond forging a range of new business opportunities, strategic partnerships and joint ventures with a myriad of commercial enterprises."