THE new subsidiary of York mutual healthcare society Benenden Health is taking its first commercial product to the market for 2014.

In November last year the society, which dates back to 1905, launched its Benenden Wellbeing division in a bid to compliment services already offered by Benenden Health.

Now Benenden Wellbeing is launching a travel insurance offering; the first in a range of products set to be brought to the market by the division this year.

Trading as Benenden Insurance Services, the Benenden Travel Insurance will sit under insurance brand, and operate from Benenden's headquarters on Holgate.

Jon Craven, managing director at Benenden Wellbeing said: “It’s an exciting new venture for our organisation to be able to launch a product that offers individuals a highly flexible and comprehensive cover to suit a range of travel needs, and one that addresses clear demand from our mutual community.

"Benenden Wellbeing already has a core set of established products and we’re keen to deliver an additional range of quality products and services which extend our range in key areas.

“People want to have peace of mind when they go on holiday knowing that if something does go wrong, they’ll get the assistance they need, and we believe this product does just that.

“We particularly wanted to make our travel cover as accessible as possible which is why there is no upper age limit and cover for all medical conditions can be considered."

Benenden Wellbeing is working with its new underwriting partner MAPFRE ASSISTANCE in developing the travel insurance products.

Staffed by the existing Benenden workforce, Benenden Wellbeing set out its first initiative, Independent Living, immediately after its launch last year.

The scheme is delivered through a new partnership with in a move aimed at giving Benenden Health members access to a range of daily living aids, adaptive equipment and disposable items.

The initiative will also offer extra support available through an integrated occupational therapist service that can provide a review of patients' homes and a suggestion of suitable products which will help individuals and their family members stay safe, independent and mobile.