MORE than 200 chairs created by a North Yorkshire furniture manufacturer have been supplied to a world-famous Swiss chapel.

Thirsk-based Treske has installed the chairs at the Auditoire de Calvin in the centre of Geneva, renowned for its links with John Calvin and John Knox.

Justin Bartlett, the owner and managing director of Treske, said: “This was a very prestigious project for us, given the history of the chapel and its international reputation. We are also very proud to be a Yorkshire company representing our region in Europe.

“The chairs themselves were made out of beech wood. We had total control over the design and manufacturing process and visited the chapel to ensure that the project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the chapel’s authorities."

Treske was commissioned to supply the chairs by the Auditoire’s restoration group.

Peter Tulloch, speaking for the group, said: “My wife and I had the opportunity to visit Treske during our search for new chairs and were highly impressed by their designs, the quality of the products and the great deal of help they gave us."

Russell Clynch, who co-ordinated the project for Treske, added: “Whichever chair was selected, had to go through quite a lengthy process of evaluation and testing by the various users of the building, as well as satisfying the demands of the Geneva historic monuments authorities.

“I’m glad to say our chair came out on top, but had great confidence in the design as its one we have already had great success with with 180 also being supplied to our ‘crematorium in the desert’ project in Al Foah, Abu Dhabi."