A RETAILER claims work on revamping Kings Square in York has caused him to suffer a drop in business of up to 30 per cent.

Shazad Ajmal, manager of Bering boutique and service centre in Colliergate, said the noise and pollution caused by the works was resulting in many shoppers simply turning away and finding another route.

He claimed the loss of footfall which naturally flowed from Low Petergate across Kings Square and down Colliergate meant his business was suffering unsustainable losses in revenue.

Andy Binner, Head of Highways and Waste at City of York Council, said local retailers had played an integral part in any key decisions made.

"At the request of retailers, we postponed works and scheduled these around key holidays to ensure disruption has been kept to a minimum," he said.

“Whilst the second stage of the scheme has been slightly disruptive because of the full road closure, this could not be avoided, but we’ve ensured all businesses were aware of this prior to starting the works.

"The very best natural materials are being used for King’s Square to ensure that the stone stands the test of time and will limit further road improvements needed in future."

In February, York Retail Forum backed the final stage of works reconstruct the highway in and directly around King’s Square and to refurbish the raised area in the square, which are part of the Reinvigorate York project.