A BUSINESS which supplies teepees across the country from its base near York has completed an exclusive partnership with a US tent specialist.

PapaKåta, based at Acaster Malbis, has teamed up with Sperry Tents in a move which will bring the US firm’s “occasion tents” to the UK market for the first time.

Sperry by PapaKåta is set for launch this spring after PapaKåta approached the Massachusetts-based firm in the hope agreeing an exclusive deal to supply their sailcloth tents in the UK.

Richard Monaghan, who founded PapaKåta with his wife Amanda in 2006, said: “It’s fantastic that we can share this sophisticated, innovative and beautiful space with our clients by bringing Sperry to the UK market.

“Sperry Tents has built up an incredible reputation across the US and is now the go-to for outdoor wedding venues in Northern America.

“Clients these days want more than just a venue space, it needs to be an experience that they will remember. The distinct look of the Sperry tents adds impact to any celebration and encapsulates everything we love at PapaKåta.”

PapaKåta, which employs 60 staff in peak season, has grown to host up to 300 events annually, and has held a number of high-profile events for customers including Jamie Oliver, Glastonbury and the launch of the Fiat 500L.

Tim Sperry, president of Sperry Tents, said: “The partnership means we can continue to reach out to people on a global level and spread the Sperry story even more.

“This new development brings together the best from both Sperry and PapaKåta and provides a truly unique offering for the UK market.”

Mr Monaghan said: “In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it was important for us to expand our brand in a way that not only enhances our offering, but also complements our existing teepee collection.

“We are incredibly proud of our teepees and we believe that Sperry by PapaKåta will have the same success.”