A FORMER chemistry tutor at Oxford University, whose family farm is located between Driffield and Bridlington, has launched a Yorkshire beef biltong.

Manor Farm Biltong, a mildly spiced and salted-air-dried meat, will be launched at a biltong and beer evening at Yorkshire Ales, Snaith, on March 29.

The delicacy, inspired by the South African favourite, was created by Chris and Charlotte Shipley, of Thornholme, in 2011.

The couple imported equipment from South Africa to make the biltong from cuts of topside, silverside, thick flank and fillet, seasoned with a home-produced dry spice mix and dried for 24 hours in a UV cabinet that simulates South African sunshine.

Chris said: “As a producer of premium beef, I was convinced that biltong made from home-grown, grass-fed beef would taste superb.”

Manor Farm Biltong will also be available from a “pop-up” farm shop at Manor Farm in Thornholme on March 29 from 10am until 4pm, and from manorfarmbeef.co.uk