A MAJOR contract during the Olympics has delivered a record year for the payroll department at North Yorkshire accountants and business advisers JWPCreers LLP.

JWPCreers, which has offices in York and Selby, provided payroll services to a company cleaning stadia, which increased staff on its payroll from 700 to 3,500 for the event.

The contract for Cleanevent and CleanDomain, based in Uxbridge, was among other new business which created growth of ten per cent in the department, the firm said.

Sue Espiner, payroll manager, said: “An increasing number of enterprises faced with legislative changes are outsourcing their payroll to specialists so they can focus on running their businesses. We now process 900 payroll staff a week, or 3,500 a month and have expanded the department to three full-time and one part-time staff.”