ABOUT 150 jobs are at risk in East Yorkshire after salad business Hedon Salads went into administration.

Roy Hunt, chairman of Newport Parish Council, said it was the second time the site had been hit this year, after Icelandic company BakkavÃr Group closed English Country Salads’s processing plant in March.

Hedon Salads is understood to have about 60 acres of growing land in Newport and Burstwick, and is one of the largest UK producers of aubergines.

Mr Hunt said the village had also been hit by job losses following the closure of BAE Systems in Brough.

He said administration was a concern for employees in the village, following the other recent job losses, and especially just before Christmas. He said: “The biggest thing to hit the village was the British Aerospace closure at Brough.

A lot of people living in the village were affected. They were a good employer and people who came to this area to work for them chose to live fairly close.”