ANDREW Follington became the new area commercial director for North Yorkshire for HSBC in March.

The father of three and his family relocated from the Thames Valley where he was a senior international commercial manager, and now Andrew will lead the commercial banking team in North Yorkshire to support businesses with a turnover of between £2 million and £30 million.

Andrew, who has experience of supporting businesses with international growth plans and those which are becoming first-time exporters, is also involved with the York Economic Partnership, supporting initiatives to move the city forward.

He said: “I want to create an environment where we can support and help businesses to grow, something I believe very passionately. Banks need to get back on track to do that.

“A lot has been very internally focussed over the last three to four years and rightly so. But HSBC has the opportunity to go out and start making a difference and to showcase the work that we’re doing to support business growth.

“I have previously lived within five miles of where I grew up and I’ve spent the majority of my working and home life only really in one place, so it’s quite an exciting year for myself and my family,” he said.


What job would you like to have other than your own and why?
Having visited Walt Disney World, Florida a couple of years ago, I think I would make a brilliant greeter. As well as seeing all the enjoyment the visitors have, the weather is usually hot and there are some great golf courses to be played.

Greatest achievement
Conquering my fear of water when I was about eight years old. I think this was the start of my positive attitude for not letting things stop me making the most of every opportunity.

Biggest mistake
Not going to university straight from college, although I did manage to put this right four years ago when I graduated from Durham Business School.

What makes you most angry?
I don’t get angry, but something that really frustrates me is when someone says they are going to do something and then doesn’t.

What do you need to make life complete?
Not much really. I have a wonderful family, a brilliant job and live in one of the best places in the UK. Perhaps a little bit more time to play golf.

Why do you make a difference?
I have been told that my enthusiasm and drive to do the best I can is infectious and lifts others around me.

He came, he saw, he enjoyed.