WITH a passion to make our country's heritage accessible for everyone, Jamie McCall leads the creative team at Malton-based PLB.

The firm specialises in offering creative solutions to the heritage sector, including interpretive planning, design development, production and associated services.

Mr McCall said: "At PLB we pride ourselves on delivering each project on time and to budget whilst working collaboratively with our clients to meet their aspirations.

"We offer a unique sustainable design service, our Green Design Initiative, which ensures environmental, economic and social benefits are considered through the design and procurement process to meet the client’s sustainable vision for their project."

The PLB team comprises consultants, interpretive planners, 3D and 2D designers and production managers who bring a wealth of experience within the heritage sector, in particular in interpretive design, visitor engagement, project management specialist production and installation.

As creative director Mr McCall regularly presents seminars to promote best practice within the sector on engagement, innovation and sustainability in museums.

He began his career working with the Scottish Sculptor Sir Eduardo Paolozzi on the Dean Gallery and on delivering Scotland’s largest museum project, the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Mr McCall now leads the creative team and has over twenty years practical experience working on and delivering numerous museums, visitor centres and commercial design projects.

He has worked on many prestigious projects throughout the UK and Europe from concept and detailed design to production and project management.

Locally this includes the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth, the Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond, the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield and the National Media Museum in Bradford.

What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

"Fortunately I now know I am in the job I always wanted to do but if I had to choose another it would be an astronomer because it fascinates me to think about all the unanswered questions of the universe."

Greatest achievement?

"Besides my family I am quite proud that I designed a circular extending table at Art College that we still all eat around to this day."

What makes you most angry?

"Lack of funding in our sector to support and develop the wealth of talent people it employs."

Biggest mistake?

"Although I have gained so much working for others in my career I really should have started working for myself sooner and learnt by making my own mistakes."

What do you need to make life complete?

"Time to enjoy a gin and tonic and a perfectly striped lawn."

Why do you make a difference?

"Hopefully my passion for our heritage and sustainability is communicated through everything I do."


"Worn out but still smiling."