A CHARTERED accountant who has found his calling in business is playing a vital role in a growing York business.

Tim Taylor, global finance director at Cellhire, an international mobile phone business based at Clifton Park, qualified as a chartered accountant and then started working in business in 1998.

He joined Cellhire, which provides short-term communications services for clients worldwide, in January 2011 after returning to Yorkshire from the Netherlands, where he was financial controller for a group of subsidiaries of IT distribution company Aslan Data.

He said it was an interesting move into the telecommunications sector. Rapid change was on the horizon with the move toward 4G presenting opportunities and threats.

“It’s a really exciting complicated SME, and we punch well above our weight as a family-owned company in York dealing with some extremely big blue-chip organisations.”

The business was recently recognised by O2 with an award for its services to teams at the London Olympic Games, providing mobile phone services to major sponsors and winning teams.

“The Olympics was truly a monumental event for the business,” he said, adding the Games were four times the size of their next biggest event.

“We got some extremely good connections with the Olympic teams, sports foundations and the main sponsors, and our phones were going into the hands of people who were winning gold medals when they related the good news to their families and friends, so it’s quite magical to think of that.”


What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

After 20 years working in a corporate office-based environment, why not a stint doing something outdoors, like a mountain guide, diving instructor or a safari tour guide?

Greatest achievement

What a massive privilege it was to be involved with London 2012 and head Cellhire’s project team through this unprecedented event for our business.

We worked with an array of clients, ranging from the Organising Committee to top-table sponsors, international media and numerous Olympic teams. Our success mirrored the Games themselves. It’s fantastic to think that our equipment was being used by gold medal winners.

Biggest mistake

One’s career is full of “watershed moments” – a decision not to remain permanently in the Netherlands and take a position at a global sportwear brand being one example.

What do you need to make life complete?

Nothing – I’m happy with my lot. A shorter commute to work would be nice (live in Leeds, commute to York).

What makes you most angry?

I get frustrated when people don’t deliver on promises or take sufficient responsibility.

Why do you make a difference?

I make things happen and deliver results. Being a leader in business is not just about pontificating over strategic matters.

While it’s crucial the senior leadership team formulates a vision for the company, this does need to be translated into tangible plans and actions – which I relish.


He came, he saw, he counted…