AFTER winning the Science and Technology Award in 2011 Purenet is back hoping to take 2014's technology title after three years for further growth/

PureNet is a York-based eCommerce specialist and a significant employer in the technology community with a team of 43 all located in the city.

The business has delivered website solutions for clients such as Pets at Home, Tesco, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Poundworld, One Store, Dennis Publishing, DC Thomson, Visit Scotland and West Ham, West Brom and Norwich City Football Clubs.

Paul Doherty, sales and marketing director at Purenet, said: "PureNet’s approach to technology is first and foremost based on real-world business need.

"It is about looking for opportunities our clients can exploit now, or arms them with the tools needed for future ambitions. Put simply, Return on investment is everything."

Harnessing the rise in tablet and smartphone use has been something that has benefited the clients PureNet works with immeasurably.

Easy to use, intuitive and optimised for whatever device being used, these sites have lifted conversion rates, and consequently sales, as users more and more turn to mobile devices to purchase online.

Mr Doherty said: "We believe PureNet is a leading York-based technology business.

"We have delivered fantastic results and are growing rapidly as a business, creating jobs and pushing York’s name forward as a digital hub.

"We have a commitment and flair for innovation with the end results of our investment delivering return on investment for our clients and a York technology success story in PureNet."