ROTACLOUD is an online cloud-based rota solution designed to help small to medium businesses build and manage their staff rotas.

The idea was born in June last year when Joel Beverley, one of the company’s three man team, mentioned how his sister had continually been running into management problems working at a local hotel as confusion over shifts had led to a severe staff shortage.

Working from the bedroom of a small semi-detached house in Huntington, a new solution was developed, and RotaCloud was born.

Mr Beverley, who has entered the venture for Technology Business of the Year, said: “RotaCloud is useful for any business that works with a staff rota.

“This includes the majority of the hospitality industry, as well as medical and dental practices, care homes, retail outlets, call centres, the list is endless.

“Our solution moves away from traditional offline “installation-based” software which takes time to install, frequently suffers compatibility issues, and requires updating as technologies advance.

“RotaCloud, a software as a service package, is accessible from any location with an internet connection, compatible with all major operating systems and will continue to develop and evolve throughout its lifespan.”

RotaCloud is subscription based, whereby clients pay a monthly or annual fee dependant on the number of employees they have.

Since launching in June 2014 the business has begun to generate interest, and as of the end of July has more tha 165 registered users, with the number of users is growing every day.