IT was while at the helm of a multi million pound print finishing business that Darren Crake spotted the opportunity for his next venture.

During a business trip Mr Crake was sat in the back of an average taxi cab when he looked at the headrest in a new light and thought "that would be a great place to advertise".

After his business went into administration in 2009 due to being hit by the recession, Mr Crake started to think seriously about the potential for advertising in headrests and the idea for DigiCAB media was born.

The business, based in Grange Lane, now employs a team of three, and is hoping to be crowned Technology Business of the Year.

Paula Scurfield, operations director, said: "Advertising screens are nothing new, you only need to take a trip to the big smoke of London to have your senses assaulted with a whole plethora of digital advertising but what is unique to DigiCAB is the copyright software that is used to present this advertising combined with the ability for each retailer to upload their own offers using the back end log on access panel - effectively combing digital advertising with a mobile application."

The primary aim for DigiCAB media is to simplify the area of digital marketing and allow independent retailers access to screen advertising, application and social media based offers usually only accessible to those with substantial marketing budgets at their disposal.

To date, DigiCAB media screens have been approved by two local authorities, York and Wakefield, with discussion currently in process with two more.

Ms Scurfield added: "The ultimate goal for DigiCAB is to evolve the operating processes of the business to facilitate the creation of individual territories for franchise, thus creating local jobs for local people within each domain.

"The application of Digi software is not limited to advertising on screens in taxi cabs it can be effectively used on many types of vehicle replacing the need for costly printed decals, posters or sticker advertising."

Current discussions with one local authority are surrounding the possibility of utilising the software to control multiple screens at multiple sites from one central location.