YORK College has recently revised its Travel Plan with a target to achieve a 5 per cent cut in single occupancy car trips.

The plan, which is being highlighted through the college's entry for Best Sustainable Travel Initiative aware, is to promote car sharing by allocating dedicated parking spaces for car sharing staff.

Already 19 per cent of staff cycle to work and 10 per cent walk to work, however the college now plans to increase cycling by 2 per cent and walking by 1 per cent through a combination of stricter parking enforcement and sustainable travel promotions.

Andy DAgorne, from the college's Student Services department, said: "Sustainable travel is a core part of the organisation’s business model, with more than 500 students travelling daily on one of the twelve chartered bus routes operated by the college from across North and East Yorkshire.

"A total of 67 per cent of students travel in by college or service bus, 14 per cent walk and 9 per cent cycle, with only 15 per cent coming in their own car.

"The recently approved plan to develop a new construction skills building on the college site is another reason why increasing the use of sustainable transport is vital to the college’s successful car parking management."