A CARE home business in Escrick which employs a team of more than 200 people is being run by the granddaughter of the very first resident.

Riccall Care was established in 1894 by current director Gill Conroy's parents Peter and Sheila Lawson, who after selling the family home used all their life savings to open a care home for the elderly.

Mrs Conroy said: "Working with mum was always a joy, her housekeeping and caring standards were very high and we got on very well.

"Dad managed the accounts, ensuring we remained afloat and teaching me the value of every penny."

As Mr and Mrs Lawson neared retirement, Mrs Conroy's husband Tony joined the family business.

Eldest daughter Sarah joined as a working carer getting invaluable hands-on experience before beginning her nursing degree.

As the home care side grew, in 1999 Mr and Mrs Conroy took on a second care home; a third in 2001, followed by a fourth in 2006.

In 2008 Riccall Care, which is entering Family Business of the Year, won a Great North Care Award (GNC) for care training approach and expertise, relocated to Escrick Business Park and was joined by new son in law, Mike Richards.

Then business was then joined in 2011 by Mr and Mrs Conroy's youngest daughter Lucy who became a care support worker, eventually co-ordinating the Review and Assessment team.

Mr Conroy said: "Care, especially domiciliary care, can be a difficult area to manage. As a family we have always believed strongly that quality care comes from good people, trained well and that’s our priority."