NOT only is TSYS looking to retain is Sustainable Travel crown this year the payment processing firm is looking to clinch 2014's Think Green award too.

The international business has an office in Fulford Road with 370 team members on site, and its main UK Data Centre in Knaresborough, employing 110 team members.

Julie Jones, Associate Facility director at TSYS, said: "TSYS' strength has always been our people and their relationships with our customers, as well as our awareness of the impact that we have on the environment.

"As part of our commitment to maintain our reputation of integrity and for doing the right thing, we take environmental consciousness seriously and place it at the forefront of our corporate ideals."

Recognising that electricity is its single largest environmental impact, TSYS measures its electricity usage in kWhs against the number of transactions processed by its data centre in order to produce a metric that reflects business growth.

In 2012 its kWh per transaction was 0.4612, while in 2013 this was reduced to 0.4199 kWh per transaction, showing a year on year reduction of 8.96 per cent, and the sixth consecutive year of kWh per transaction reduction.

As well as making progress with engineering solutions to reduce electricity usage in its data halls, TSYS is also investing heavily in new technologies, with one project in particular set to remove 90 racks of servers over the next 12 months, reducing the heat load and cooling requirement.

Proving the green ethos runs through all levels of the business, members of the TSYS team requested a Cycle to Work scheme, with 2014 seeing seeing a third scheme, with an uptake of 18 per cent versus the scheme average of 4 per cent.

This has led to a strong focus on cycling throughout the company, which supporting the York Cycle Challenge, where TSYS won the 200-499 employee category in 2014 with 18 per cent uptake and 5228 miles cycled.

To promote sustainable travel TSYS offers an additional two days holiday to team members who choose not to drive to work, while also reimbursing Park and Ride costs for York-based team members, encouraging them to use this option rather than add to congestion on Fulford Road.