CLOSE encounters graced the York C&IU Bowls Heineken UK-sponsored John Smith’s Triples competition.

Five of the eight games at the quarter-finals stage ended with only one-shot difference as the line-ups for Tuesday’s semi-finals were ironed out.

In the Cup, Gary Bunce’s Clarence trio needed an extra end to gain their win over John Lowe’s Holgate team, while Dave Gray’s Poppleton Road side just pipped Kev Potter’s South Bank.

In the Plate, Kev Butler’s team scored three on the last end to win against John Cooper, of St Clement’s ‘B’, and Huntington ‘A’ were winners by one shot over Huntington ‘B’, while Huntington ‘C’s Dennis Watson got the all-important one-shot win against Steve Cain’s Clarence team.

Cup semi-final draw: Clarence ‘C’ (V Thompson) v Poppleton Road ‘B’ (D Gray); Holgate ‘C’ (G Bell) v Clarence ‘A’ (G Bunce). To be played on Tuesday, July 22.

Plate semi-final draw: Burton Lane ‘B’ (K Butler) v Huntington ‘A’ (P Waddington); Poppleton Road ‘A’ (T Scott) v Huntington ‘C’ (D Watson). To be played on Tuesday, July 22.