PROP Iain Morrison is a major doubt for the rest of York City Knights' season following surgery after an abscess had to be removed from his injured shoulder.

The 31-year-old is still nursing an open wound following the procedure, which removed a growth that was "inside the muscle and close to the bone", said Knights head coach Gary Thornton.

Morrison was said to be consulting with a surgeon to discover the length of this latest absence from the team but, given the severity of the injury, it seems unlikely he will return in the near future.

The former Featherstone player has had problems with a bicep strain this season and has also suffered from suspected pleurisy and from a chest infection.

Thornton said: "He had a bit of a setback with an arm injury and he saw his surgeon and went to the hospital. It turned out he had an abscess growing inside the muscle and close to the bone and he had to have it surgically removed.

"He is still in hospital and it may have poisoned his blood system. He has had it cut out of the arm but they can't seal the wound in case it reappears so he has an open wound.

"At least he has got to the bottom of it. They thought he had pleurisy and he had a chest infection that he had trouble shaking off. It's a bit of a setback for us."