HAYLEY MACDONALD was the undoubted York star if the televised English Indoor Bowls Association’s Premier 3`s tournament held at Thanet Road.

The York Indoor Bowls Club's player reached the final of the group two matches with a storming surge that only ended in the final which she lost 2-0 to Featherstone's Craig Newton.

Macdonald maximised the most of home advantage when she beat Scarborough’s Jack Bird 2-0. York's Emily Clarke and Sue Allen drew the first set though Allen won the following two to take the game 2½-½. Newton was pitched against Steve Roberts in the opener and prevailed 2½ -1½.

Macdonald and Allen's semi-final was a tight tussle each having won one a set apiece before Macdonald made it virtually impossible for Allen to get the two shots she needed as she protected her winning shot.

In the group one matches, Hartlepool’s Glenn Skipp ousted Sunderland’s Gary Farquhar in the final 2-0.

He and Newton advanced to the grand final to be held in December.

The YIBC domestic knockout finals continued with Zoe Eagles taking the ladies singles title for the sixth time.

She beat the busy Macdonald 21-11 after singles were score out of 17 of the first 24 ends, played before Eagles came out on top 21-11.

Another game which promised to be close was the Eric Hopwood Triples Final between Ray Calpin's team and Charlie Arnett’s. It started that way as singles were exchanged for the first six ends before Calpin's team increased their lead with a three only to drop a three.

The game remained tight up to four ends to play when the score stood at 10-9 before Calpin's team pulled away with a four, then a three, before swapped singles brought an end to the match with Calpin's side taking the title.

Both the ladies' pairs and mixed pairs finals proved to be one-sided.

Sue Allen and Hayley Macdonald won all but four ends to take the Langford crown 29-4 against Pat Bracken and Maureen Robinson, while Dave Stroughair and Emily Clarke regained the mixed pairs title in a 20-6 win after coming from 4-3 down to Sue Allen and Paul Humphreys.