A petrol station which has stood empty for eight years is set to be demolished.

Plans to level the site on Commercial Street, Tadcaster, have been submitted to Selby District Council, and will be considered in the coming weeks.

It is proposed the station, kiosk, and canopy will all come down to make way for a new development in the town - details of which are yet to be revealed.

The proposals to bulldoze the site, which stands adjacent to three other businesses have been welcomed by councillors in the town - as long as something is put in its place.

Cllr Richard Sweeting, of Selby District Council, said: "It's just standing there now and it does need something on there and something happening.

"There needs to be something there that would be beneficial.

"I'm not sure Tadcaster needs another garage but whatever happens on that site would be a good thing for the town."

The garage closed down in 2006 and was replaced by another on Leeds Road, which Cllr Sweeting describes as "excellent" because of its role as a petrol station and convenience store.

Cllr Don MacKay, represents Tadcaster West ward for Selby District Council

He added: "It's all right demolishing buildings but we need to replace them with something.

"Unless it's going to be replaced with housing or more businesses it's not good.

"Retail or homes would be fine, but I just don't want to end up with another gap in the street.

"There's too many gaps in the street and too many empty shops, and we don't want to exacerbate many of the problems we have."

The application was submitted to Selby District Council at the beginning of August and will be considered by the authority in the coming weeks.