PEOPLE in York can now get rid of broken toasters and hairdryers without sending them to landfill.

The Electrical Recycling Company and City of York Council have unveiled a specialist recycling bin for people to dispose of small electrical items - including mobile phones, DVD players, laptops, cameras and kitchen appliances.

Three bins, located in B & Q car park on Hull Road, the Designer Outlet, and the Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride.

Paul Sellers, Manager of the Electrical Recycling Company (ERC), which is part of the Yorwaste Group, said up to 80 percent of the small electrical appliances could be recycled. He added: “It is estimated that around 25% of small electrical appliances that either no longer work or are just unwanted are sitting in peoples’ cupboards or lofts.

“By using the new bring banks to recycle electrical items people will not only be able to clear space in their homes, they will also be helping the environment.”

Everything left in the banks will be taken to ERC’s plant at Hessay where it will be sorted, before being sent for final processing and recycling at a specialist facility in Liverpool.