RENEWED calls have been made for improved road safety measures and a bypass in Rillington, which has been in talks with authorities for years.

Villagers living along the A64 fear that a fatal accident will occur before something is done and have called once again for the authorities to look at plans and act before someone is injured.

Colin Wicks, 80, who has lived in Rillington for 51 years is particularly concerned about children from the nearby school using the main crossing through Rillington when heavy goods vehicles are turning.

He said: "The lorry's turn whilst the light is green but then it goes red and the green man comes on but it's already moving around because it can't see the lights.

"I have seen no end of people step out in to the road. We haven’t had an accident yet thankfully. It is sad that we have got to have something serious happen for someone to sit up and take notice.

"This has been going on since the 1970's and it is very irritating."

In 2000 the Highways Agency were given approval to develop a bypass through the village and an exhibition was held later in the year to show the proposed options for the plans. However in July 2006 the Government accepted recommendations from the interim Regional Transport Board for Yorkshire and Humberside which did not identify the scheme as a funding priority during the period of up to 2016.

A further blow was dealt to the residents of Rillington back in May 2012 when the bypass scheme was not selected as part of government schemes which would be developed to enable potential construction in the next Spending Review. According to the Highways Agency the plans are currently on hold.

Yet despite stalling from the authorities, Mr Wicks believes that the bypass and improved traffic measures would improve quality of life in the village.

He said: "It would make life nicer, quieter and much cleaner with no pollution. It would make a better community if we were to get it and then people would want to come in to Rillington."

A spokesperson for Rillington Parish Council said that they were still in full support of the bypass.

The spokesperson said: "The parish council feels that a by-pass is essential and urgently required. The sooner a bypass is built the better as residents have already waited far too long for this essential safety improvement.

"A bypass for Rillington is long overdue and we fully support residents in their campaign to bring this issue to the attention of the Government. The A64 is a very busy road and gets considerably worse during holiday periods

"There have been a number of traffic accidents in Rillington over the years with residents concerned that it is only a matter of time before a fatal accident occurs."

MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey Anne McIntosh was meeting with the new roads Minister John Haynes MP in the Department of Transport yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon to discuss the issue.

She said: "This is a wonderful opportunity to really make the case of improving the major road artery, which is the power house of economic growth in a rural community such as North Yorkshire.”