TIMBERS damaged by the 1984 York Minster fire will be put up for auction next month.

The Minster's annual Stoneyard auction will also see masonry from the stoneyard up for sale, with members of the public able to buy the historic items, which were part of the South Transept which was damaged by the fire.

Pieces include carved wooden 'hubs', where the ribs of the vaulted ceiling met, and pieces of the roof itself, which are all made of oak and date back to the 14th Century, some of which still have the gilt and paintwork visible.

Rebecca Thompson, superintendent of works for York Minster, said: "Images of flames licking out of the roof of the South Transept have been widely used as we marked the 30th anniversary of the fire, so it seemed appropriate now to bring out some of the timbers that we have had in storage for three decades and make them available for people to buy."

About 100 pieces will be for sale, and items sold last year for between £20 and £1,400. All items will be on display at Dean's Park on Thursday, August 14, between 2pm and 7.30pm.

The auction takes place at 12.30pm on Friday, August 15.

For more information go to yorkminster.org