A thief with a history of drink-fuelled violence has admitted stealing 18 cans of cider.

Christopher Neil Gregory, 24, was caught on CCTV taking the alcohol from the Co-op store on York Road, Acomb, said Kathryn Reeves, prosecuting.

He has served prison sentences in the past for criminal damage, assault and affray imposed in May 2013, and for bike theft in 2010, imposed at a time when he was already serving a sentence for an assault.

Gregory, of St Stephen’s Road, Acomb, pleaded guilty to stealing alcohol and was fined £65, plus £12 compensation, plus £85 prosecution costs, plus a £20 statutory surcharge.

CCTV at the store had shown him hanging about the shop “clearly trying to make up his mind” before going in and taking the cider, said the solicitor.

Gregory was hoping to gain a qualification as a gym instructor.