A HOLLYWOOD A-Lister is set to star in a new film to be shot in York later this year.

The £1.5 million feature film, Scott & Sid, will follow the life journey of two men who first meet as teenagers at a Yorkshire secondary school.

"Their adventure leads them through doubts, deprivation and demon-black days, from the desolate back alleys of their hometown to the billboards of Hollywood," said a film spokeswoman.

"Ninety per cent of the film will be based in York, and will show off all of what the city has to offer.

"We will be filming in many places, including Micklegate, Coppergate and Museum Street. We are also going to film around the Minster, the walls and the railway station.

"The two main actors have been signed and they are big names, one being a Hollywood A-Lister, which we're excited about, but I'm not allowed to release the names at this point."

She said aspiring film practitioners in the University of York's Department of Theatre, Film and Television were also involved in the project as interns.

She said the Scott and Sid in the title had been named after the film's executive producers, real life best friends, Sid Sadowskyj and Scott Elliott, who grew up in Bradford and had written the script, which followed their life through school and into creating their own company.

"The project is the first of a three-slate film project to be produced by Sid over the next five years.

"Scott and Sid seem unlikely friends. Scott is a shambolic dreamer, intent on carving out his own path in life and holding up a metaphorical middle finger to anyone who tries to stop him. He is a quintessential troubled teen: on his fifth high school by the age of 15, alienated from his peers, crippled by recurring nightmares and disliked by his own parents.

"Sid, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to be liked. An unconfident, awkward recluse through circumstance, Sid's impoverished and dysfunctional background leave him no time for friends and no money for hobbies. And then Scott arrives in town, and Sid's whole world is turned upside down, as the pair embark on a journey of Dreamchasing, the personal code that they agree to live by.

"They are Dreamchasers, individuals with the courage to follow their heart and the belief to succeed in the path that they take."