A PETITION to crack down on street drinkers has been stolen from a shop.

The petition was set up by residents and businesses in Lowther Street, Penley Grove Street and Townend Street in The Groves last month, with an aim to collect 1,000 signatures and present it to City of York Council.

Residents want to extend the Alcohol Restriction Zone (ARZ), which meant drinking on the streets within the city walls and at York railway station was prohibited, to include their area, but part of the petition has been stolen from the notice board of the Londis shop in Townend Street on Friday.

Gordon Campbell-Thomas is one of the organisers of the petition, and said “In less than a week we have seen over 200 signatures added to the petition, bringing it to over 420. However someone is deliberately trying to stop our efforts on behalf of the wider community, but it won't work.

"All the shops on Lowther Street have a copy of the petition to sign, and we will replace the stolen petition in the Londis Shop. Anyone who signed it there can sign it again if they wish. At the same time there has been a police crack down on street drinkers, but the problem remains until there is a permanent Alcohol Restricted Zone created by the City Council.”

Early indications from City of York Council and North Yorkshire Police showed a drop in police call outs to street drinkers within the ARZ by almost 25 per cent, but those supporting the petition said the ARZ had forced street drinkers out of the city and into their area.

Mr Campbell-Thomas said local teams were also collecting signatures door to door, and volunteers were welcome. Phone 07794706961 for details, or ask at the Its Donated shop in Lowther Street.