AN employee at Bootham School in York has become the first woman in the country to get a special gas safety accreditation.

Sue McDonough, who works as the servicing manager in the school's estates department, has qualified as an accredited Gas Safety Manager. She is the first woman in the country to do so and received her certificate at a ceremony at the Belfry in Birmingham.

Sue said: “I wasn’t aware until attending the conference that only a small number of people in the country have achieved this accreditation, and I am the first woman.

"There are a couple of hundred people nationwide currently studying, and we have encouraged our local gas contractor, John Wright, to take it on board for their staff.”

Bootham School estates manager, Craig Pierotti, said: “We are the first school, and indeed first educational establishment, in the country to have an accredited member of staff at this level.

"This is obviously a huge personal achievement for Sue and it shows our commitment to ensuring the safety of our pupils and staff.”