TWO yobs pulled their victim out of his house at night and attacked him in the street, York Crown Court heard.

The Finkle Hill resident of Sherburn-in-Elmet suffered nose, head, wrist and other injuries in the assault that began with a bang on his front door at 11pm, Peter Sabiston, prosecuting, said. When he opened it Ryan Meaney stuck a foot in preventing him from closing it.

Meaney grabbed the resident by the neck and dragged him out of his house, putting him to the ground where Sam Taylor also got involved.

The victim was so terrified by the incident, he was selling his house and moving out of the village.

Meaney, 26, of Duffield Crescent, Sherburn-in-Elmet, was on police bail and serving a community order at the time for terrifying a man on a quad bike with a Stanley knife in Sands Lane, South Milford. He admitted causing actual bodily harm and possessing a knife in public.

Nine years ago, he was given a 12-month detention and training order for being one of several teenagers who filmed themselves tormenting a dying man in a field.

Taylor, 21, of no fixed address, was on prison sentence from a 30-month sentence for attempted robbery and hitting two party-goers, one of them with a broken bottle at the time of the Finkle Hill assault. He admitted causing actual bodily harm.

Both men were jailed for 15 months. York Crown Court heard both had been drinking heavily.

Mr Sabiston said Meaney demanded beer from the resident when he stuck his foot in the door and the victim said he didn’t have any. Then he was pulled from his house. None of the injuries were serious but they curtailed his activities for some time.

For Meaney, Chris Dunn said he was heavily addicted to alcohol and needed help.

For Taylor, Nicholas Barker said he had not been involved initially. He had family and mental health problems, and was now taking medication for depression.