ARTISTS from the University of York have worked with people with dementia in the city to create an exhibition focusing on memory .

The In-between Collective - formed of third year students Alice Kewellhampton, Imogen Lacey, Owen Walton and Ellie Robinson-Carter - have teamed up the Harmony Café in St Aelred's Community Centre in Fifth Avenue, where people experiencing memory problems and their carers can socialise with each other and with student volunteers.

Those who use the cafe brought in photographs from their pasts and shared memories which have helped to inspire the exhibition.

Alice said: "We wanted to bring in an older and younger generation in a positive way and to talk about issues about memory.

"We are hoping there will be all sorts of people who have been touched by dementia and to bring people together to get a better grasp of what dementia is."

The exhibition, which has received some funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, will include print making, photography, illustration and design.

The exhibition will be at Orillo Studios in Apollo Street off Heslington Road on June 20 and will be open from 3 to 11pm. There will be food, drinks and live music.

Everyone is welcome to attend.