Where there's butties there's brass. MAXINE GORDON meets the York couple who have opened a sandwich shop after a £1million scratch card win.

MAKING bacon butties, filling jacket potatoes and brewing cups of tea hardly seems like the life of a millionaire.

Yet that's just what lottery winners Amanda and Carl Ruddock have plumped for after Amanda scooped £1 million in a scratch card win.

The pair have invested a chunk of their winnings in a neighbourhood sarnie shop, Albert's Butties, on Monkton Road, York.

Amanda gave up her job as a cleaner and Carl quit as a forklift driver at Nestle following their good fortune - but knew all along they wanted to keep on working and set a good example to their family.

They live in Huntington with four children - Amanda's two teenage sons Liam, 18, and Kyle, 16, and the couple's two children, Riley, eight and Taylor, seven.

Carl said: "We want to show our children that you still have to earn money."

Amanda added: "We want to show them the true value of money, that you still have to be out there working, even if you do have a little bit of money." Liam has a job at Next.

The pair said it took a while to realise that they were millionaires.

Amanda said she misread the winning scratch card at first. " I thought it said £1. I checked it 50 times and thought it must be a joke. Then I took it home to show Carl to get him to check it. We went into a bit of a panic. It was a bit scary, the shock of it all."

One year on, and the couple insist that becoming millionaires hasn't changed them.

Amanda said: "I still like going to Primark and having a good nosey. I feel if I don't get a bargain, I've been robbed."

The couple have bought a house with some of the winnings and Amanda treated Carl to his dream car: a nippy Mazda RX8 - but even that was second-hand.

They have bought a caravan at Filey, which is great for family breaks but doubles as an investment opportunity too because they rent it out.

Carl said: "People have said to me: 'Why haven't you got Versace suits?' But I'm not going to change who I am."

Amanda added: "I didn't want to turn into someone stuck up who thinks they are better than anyone else."

Perhaps surprisingly, the couple said that winning so much money has brought them stress.

Amanda explained: "People say: 'how can you be stressed with a million pounds?' But it's a different type of stress. It's a worry all the time; it's a big responsibility to be in charge of that much money and to try to make it last you for the rest of your life."

One thing's for sure: it hasn't stopped the couple playing the lottery and buying scratch cards.

Carl said: "You've got to be in it, to win it."