UPDATED: A planned Tour de France spectator hub at Monk Stray has been moved to Huntington Stadium just a month before the event.

The council has announced yesterday that the stadium will host the city's fourth spectator hub for the race, instead of Monk Stray.

Earlier in the week, plans for new eight foot gates on Monk Stray were abandoned at the last minute and the council announced it was looking at another venue, and it has now been confirmed that the stadium will host the spectator hub instead of Monk Stray.

Cllr Sonja Crisp, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said: “Plans to accommodate residents and visitors, supporting the sporting legacy of the Tour in York, listening and responding to local people as well as to the prevailing weather conditions have all been factored into this decision to relocate the spectator hub.”

In the new plans, the stadium's ground will be covered with an all weather trackway, which could not have been used on the stray. The wet weather had lead to serious concerns about ground conditions, and residents had spoken out against the initial plans which included a camp site on the stray.

Lesley Pratt, whose home overlooks the stray, said most had heard the news with relief.

"It has caused an awful lot of worry and concern, and most of us couldn't understand why they wouldn't use the area at Huntington Stadium in the first place."She She said: The stray is under inches of water at present, and locals were worried the amount of traffic the event would bring to the area, Mrs Pratt added.

The stadium will have giant screens showing the race, cycle stunt shows and food and drink.

The council have said it is geared to accommodating large numbers with parking and a Park & Ride nearby, easy access to the ring road and a network of cycle paths, and added that the "smooth transfer" from Monk Stray to Huntington has the full backing of the Tour management.

Heworth Without councillor Nigel Ayre said it was a shame a great event had been cancelled.

“It is real shame that would should have been a great event for local residents has been so badly managed."

He said the plans had not considered the character of Mnk Stray or the surroundings, and local concerns had been ignored.

He added: With proper consultation residents and the council could have put on a fantastic event."