Employees got out of the office and into the open air as they gave their time for free.

Among the activities undertaken by teams from many of York's major employers were cat cuddling, and dog walking, landscaping, bashing balsam plants and making a butterfly walk.

They were taking part in the second York Cares Team Challenge Week when groups of employee-volunteers take on a challenge. It runs until Friday.

York Cares volunteering project officer Helen Jackson said: "This week is a great way for organisations to spend time, outside of the office, working together alongside other local businesses to benefit the community. It takes minimal preparation with many rewards for individuals and teams alike."

More than 170 employee-volunteer teams will work at York RSPCA Animal Home, Greenfields School and Community Garden, Rowntree Park, Hob Moor and West Bank Park as well as with the Friends of York Cemetery to improve wildlife habitats on their 24-acre site on Cemetery Road.