A TEENAGER who has provided police with details of where his stolen phone has been used since the theft says he is frustrated by the lack of action by officers.

Rob Little, 18, has worked at Pizza Hut in Clifford Street, York, since December, and his phone and wallet were stolen from a staffroom there, along with items belonging to several of his colleagues, almost two months ago.

He said: "The phone was in my bag in a pouch and had been left in the staffroom, but the lock on the staffroom had been broken.

"My phone and wallet were stolen and my friend had her phone stolen. Another friend had a bag stolen with clothes in it, and another friend had a bag stolen with A-Level work and books and payslips in it. My phone had been insured but I had cancelled it about a month before it was stolen. I'm about £500 down on the phone and still paying for it as part of the contract."

Rob said he and his friends tried contacting the phone, and received a text back from the thieves, saying they would drop it off in a taxi, but that never happened.

Days later, he was checking his online accounts and found pictures from the phone since the theft had automatically uploaded, and he thought he had information which could help police.

He said: "About three days later they had gone on Dropbox and someone had taken photos of a woman and her son in a house which had automatically uploaded.

"Went through on facebook and saw who'd liked the photos. One of the people who liked it had a similar facebook profile and I saw that and knew who it was. We found out where she lived and gave all the information and pictures to police and it's been over a month almost two months and they haven't given us any update on it at all. We've just about given up on them."

However, despite the information being handed over to police at the beginning of April - including the numbers of individuals and a second-hand phone shop in Darlington - Rob said he had yet to hear whether any progress had been made.

He said: "They told me they can't do anything because it wasn't her who took the pictures so she wasn't handling stolen goods.

"It's just annoying, really. If I hadn't given them any information there would be millions of people they would have to check, or hundreds just from the nearby cameras but if feels like I've given them all this and they have done nothing."

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: "We are investigating four thefts from the store including two bags, two mobiles and a wallet.

"We have the information provided by Mr Little and it is forming part of the investigation, into which extensive enquiries have been undertaken. Enquiries remain ongoing."