IT was a case of "water water everywhere" for a group of charity rowers on a mission to raise cash for Whitby lifeboat station this weekend.

Landlord Jim Hardie from the Blue Bell pub and a group of regulars set off to row a historic lifeboat down the Ouse from Ripon to Bishopthorpe on Friday, and carred on through the weekend despite torrential downpours on Saturday.

Jim said: "It's been hard work and very very wet, but we've hopefully raised a lot of money.

"We've just had to row through the rain, and once you're wet through there's not a lot you can do."

A team of 10 were rowing the 1911 William Riley lifeboat on the river at any one time, and they were joined by 10 more rowers from Whitby in a Thames skif, supplied by the town's Fortune's Kippers.

With collections in pubs along the way, the crews were on course to raise more than £1,000 for Whitby lifeboat station.