THE grandfather of shop assistants who were threatened by an armed robber in York has offered a reward for information about the suspect.

Sian MacRae, 18, was working with her sister Jodie Weston, 25, at the MacRae's First Stop in Huntington Road, when a man with a gun burst through the door and ordered Jodie to fill a bag with cash from the till.

He made off with less than £200 and several packets of cigarettes, and the shop's owner Stephen and Helen Weston - who started the business almost 20 years ago - told The Press on Friday they were afraid for the future of the shop after the robbery, which was the second in 18 months.

Derek Thornton, of Fulford, is Helen's father, and has offered £1,000 to anyone who provides police with information that leads to a successful conviction, as he believes no matter how desperate the gunman was, nobody should have to go through what his grand daughters went through.

Mr Thornton said: "For a pittance a man goes and creates terror, and for the rest of their lives these girls will have that in their backgrounds. It's just not on.

"I feel terrible my grand daughters have had to go through that, and hope whoever did it received severe justice and we have to catch him before something serious happens."

Armed police were called to the shop following the incident, and the investigation is still ongoing, but as of Monday, no arrests had been made.

Mr Thornton said he would offer £1,000 to anyone who provided North Yorkshire Police or Crimestoppers with information which led to the arrest and conviction of the robber.

He said: "He must have been desperate, but nevertheless he has got to be caught. Time marches on and more time passes less chance we have of finding them.

"I would say to anyone who has information which could help, do the right thing. This person has created fear and terror for £200. Is it worth it? Do what's right by your community and come forward with any information. Do what's right. It's just not on, and we must do our best to catch people like this, it's not civilised."

Anyone with information should phone York CID on 101, email or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.