SERIOUS incidents involving cyclists on York’s roads have increased for five years running.

Figures compiled by City of York Council and North Yorkshire County Council show those using bikes are now more likely to be injured on the city’s roads, with the number of crashes doubling in the first seven months of the year when compared to 2013.

One cyclist has already died this year and ten have suffered serious injury between January 1 and July 31, compared to five during the same period last year.

Since 2010, when the total number of people on a bike being hurt year was 123, the figure has risen to 124 in 2011, 139 in 2012 and 148 in 2013.

In North Yorkshire, there was a 30 per cent rise in crashes, from 26 to 34, in just two years, according to the county council’s statistics.

Almost half of these incidents required the victim being taken to A&E or a stay in hospital for treatment.

And with more people expected to get in the saddle following the success of the Tour de France Grand Depart, City of York Council are stepping up efforts to raise awareness of cycling safety.

Tony Clarke, head of transport at City of York Council, said: “According to the most recent Department for Transport figures, released in April 2013, the number of adults cycling once a week in York consistently increases year-on-year from 23 per cent in 2010/11 to 25 per cent in 2011/12, ranking York nationally in the top five cycling cities.

“The council was awarded £4.6million government funding in 2011 towards its i-Travel York campaign which has continued to provide advice and support to cyclists.

“The i-Travel project has supported other council schemes to provide cycle training for children and adults, introduce road safety campaigns specifically targeting the driver and cyclist interaction with vehicle stickers, continue working with younger, less experienced drivers through it’s Momentum scheme and introduce the Road Safety Pledge road campaign.”

The council has also expanded the off-road cycle network, including the new subway under the A1237 on the A59 near Poppleton, is widening cycle lanes and hopes to introduce sessions so bus drivers can learn more about cycling issues.

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