A TEENAGER allegedly hit a car in a drive-by shooting in a Bishopthorpe side street, York magistrates heard.

Kathryn Reeves, prosecuting, said a witness saw the rear window of a parked Ford Explorer “explode” as Connor Dale drove slowly past it in a Honda Civic.

Shortly afterwards, Dale and one of his passengers were seen shooting at wildlife at nearby Bishopthorpe Marina with an air pistol.

Defending, Richard Minion said Dale denied using the imitation firearm as he drove. The window had been damaged when he had thrown a stone out of his car window at it, he said.

Magistrates will hear evidence on October 15 to decide how the car was damaged before passing sentence after deciding that the sentence would be different if Dale used the air pistol or a stone.

Dale, 18, of Micklefield, Leeds, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to the Explorer in Lamplaugh Crescent, Bishopthorpe and driving without insurance and driving without a licence in Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe.

He also admitted possessing an imitation firearm in Ferry Lane, Bishopthorpe. According to the charge, the firearm was a black TDP 45 gas powered BB gun. All the offences were committed on May 12.

He was released on bail on condition he does not contact a named prosecution witness until October 15.

Ms Reeves said Dale had two passengers with him as he drove through Bishopthorpe at about 7pm on May 12.

Mr Minion said the shooting at Bishopthorpe Marina was “just shooting at birds and stuff”.

He accepted that he had been driving the Civic without insurance or a licence and that he was responsible for the damage to the car.