A YORK care home where four employees were recently suspended has now been strongly criticised by a watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission has raised concerns about the staffing levels, the care and welfare of residents and management of medicines at Minster Grange.

This is after two inspections were carried out. The Press reported in May that three carers and a nurse at the home in Haxby Road had been suspended after a whistleblower raised concerns relating to ‘manual handling practices’ for nine residents.

The Care Quality Commission says now in a report that it carried out an inspection in April after receiving some concerns.

After receiving additional information, it conducted a second out-of-hours visit in May.

The report says it found that there were not enough qualified, skilled and experienced members of staff to meet the residents’ needs.

Staff members told inspectors that staffing numbers needed improving in all areas.

A nurse was found to be covering two units on different floors by herself.

It reported one staff member as saying: “Staff are worried, agitated and stressed. We move staff around units to try and cover.”

They added: “We try not to let it impact on the care we provide but it does.

“People get up late and we struggle to do baths. We struggle to answer call bells.”

The report says that while some residents said they liked living at Minster Grange, others said they found the care lacking because of short staffing, and claimed agency staff had not had the training they needed.

On the evening visit, the inspectors found five residents who looked unkempt, were wearing dirty clothes and were not receiving prompt care.

“We observed people ringing bells and requesting support but staff were busy so they had to wait for assistance,” it says.

“We asked the manager to come up to the unit so that people could be given appropriate support.”

It says the home did not have appropriate arrangements in place to manage medicines.

This meant that 13 people were not protected from the risks associated with the medicines.

No one was available for comment at the home’s owner, Lifestyle Care plc.