A BABY hare whose siblings were killed and a tiny owl called Grump are just part of a sudden influx of creatures at a wildlife rescue centre.

Selby Wildlife Rehabilitation at Barlby, near Selby, says its bank account has been 'wiped out' by the demanding dietary needs of the cuddly new arrivals.

Spokeswoman Annette Pyrah said the creatures included Luna, a baby hare found alive beside her two dead siblings in a field at Askham Bryan College, near York.

"It is thought they had been trampled by sheep or horses grazing in the field," she said. "Staff found Luna alive but in shock and brought her into the rescue centre.

"We have six baby tawny owls from around the area and yesterday admitted a baby "Little Owl" called "Grump", who is the size of a tennis ball and is a very small baby indeed."

She said she wanted to raise awareness that not all babies found alone were orphans and should not be touched, for example a fawn, a baby deer, who was removed from a buttercup meadow in Sandal, Wakefield, and was successfully reunited with her mother.

She said the bills for feeding the wildlife rapidly mounted up. "The owls, for example eat three mice each per day, so with seven owls, that's £21 per day, which soon adds up," she said.

"Milk Powder, Esbilac for the baby mammals costs £50 per tin, so it is a very expensive time for the centre."

To help with fundraising,an open day will be held between 11 am -and 4pm on Sunday at Low Mill, York Road, Barlby. "This coincides with the Scarecrow Festival and we have a display of four scarecrows," said Annette. "The theme is "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here." Two scarecrows, Ant and Dec, will be dressed in clothes donated by our MP, Nigel Adams."