MEN in North Yorkshire have been urged not to stick their heads in the sand over health checks.

David Cordukes, 65, will take part in the R U Taking The P? 5km run on Sunday (JUNE 15), to raise awareness of male-specific cancers, and he and his family will complete the 5km run dressed as ostriches to hammer home the point.

Mr Cordukes, survived prostate cancer, but was only diagnosed after visiting his doctor after suffering insomnia, and said he felt lucky to have been diagnosed early enough for successful treatment.

He said: “It’s simple, the earlier you go and get a diagnosis there is a better chance of survival.

"I couldn’t sleep because basically I was up and down to the toilet all night and went to the doctor’s to get some sleeping tablets. It was a young female doctor who asked if she could examine my prostate, which she discovered was swollen and sent me for a biopsy. Prostate cancer was confirmed and I had to have a prostatectomy."

R U Taking the P? will be held on Father’s Day, Sunday June 15 at 9.30am at Rowntree Park, York. For more information or to register go to