ONE of York’s oldest residents has died just five days before reaching her 101st birthday.

Great grandmother Gladys Turton, of Foxwood Lane, reached her century last June 6.

She enjoyed a joyful reunion with her daughter and family who came over from South Africa and other relatives from around the UK.

St Albans-born Mrs Turton met her late husband Arthur in the 1930s, and the couple moved to York where he worked as an accountant for railway hotels.

The couple had a passion for bowling and founded York Indoor Bowls Club, which was one of their favourite hobbies.

Their daughter, Pat Standfest, 69, now lives in South Africa and has had three children and has eight grandchildren.

When Mrs Turton turned 100 she joked the secret to her long and happy life was “more luck than judgment”. She passed away on June 1.