FANS are due to be refunded after a sold-out York event starring Macaulay Culkin's band was cancelled following a string of badly received gigs.

Some 400 people had tickets to see The Pizza Underground at The Duchess tonight and the venue has confirmed that refunds will be available after the band cancelled the remainder of their UK tour.

The Home Alone star’s group - which parodies Velvet Underground songs with pizza related lyrics - was pelted with pints of beer and booed off stage during a performance at Rock City in Nottingham last week. The band's agent said the cancellation was unrelated to this incident, it has been reported.

On Friday the band wrote on Twitter: “Sad that we had to cancel UK shows. Believe it or not we had fun! But all good things must end, and sometimes suddenly and w/o explanation.”

A spokesman for The Duchess in Stonebow wrote on its Facebook page: "Regretfully, the Pizza Underground has had to cancel the UK tour dates. The band thanks the fans for their enthusiasm and support. Refunds available from point of purchase."

Fans had paid £8 a ticket.

The news has been received with disappointment from some fans. Samantha Maltas wrote on Facebook: "I promised my best mate a date in York with the pizza, we're both extremely devastated" and Simon Dixon wrote on The Duchess' page: "They seemed to be going down like a 'lead calazone' unfortunately in some places! Sense of humour bypass probably..."

Pizza Underground performed cover versions, such as Pizza, It Hurts (Venus In Furs), and Take A Bite Of The Wild Slice (Walk On The Wildside), and I’m Waiting For Delivery Man (Waiting For The Man), with Culkin himself performing vocals, kazoo and percussion.